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Shirley Stone has been called by the Lord to a Global Intercessory Prayer Ministry that is refer to as The Global Family That Prays for the entire globe. As an intercessor, she does the service of the kingdom from the place of prayer and worship, while embracing an intercessor lifestyle and focus.  Shirley Stone has devoted her life to God in true worship and desire to be used to motivate, inspire, and arouse the Body of Christ to worship God in Spirit and in Truth. She has been preaching and bringing forth God’s Word for over 22 years.  She has been affiliated for 16+ years with the Reconciliation Global Ministry located in Nashville, Tennessee.  She has received In-Dept Biblical Studies at the Global Kingdom Mandate Institute located in Atlanta, Georgia. Amongst her many achievements Stone has chaired and coordinated many citywide prayer brunches with governmental and religious organizations.

She is also one of the members of the Senator’s Pastoral Counsel Team. Stone has been a guest speaker at many Women Conferences, Prayer Brunches, and special services both national and international. She has been a group leader for Biblical Studies Fellowship International for 22 years and currently oversees women for this organization both National and International. Stone not only guides these women by her lifestyle to produce an effective ministerial team of disciples for God but also to study God’s word in depth. She is obedient to her call and ministers wherever God sends her. Denominations have no bearing on her mandate or anointing. Stone has accepted and cherishes her call in the Five-Fold Ministry bringing forth the uncompromising Word of God and the Apostolic/Prophetess/Evangelist/Pastor/Teacher call that is upon her life that has blessed many with these gifts.

As a Prayer, she is often available to pray for the needs of others. Stone has the personal characteristics of courage, steadfastness, endurance, consecration, and self-sacrifice. Just as she possessed these unique attributes, as an intercessor she has these same spiritual qualities. Stone is the visionary and founder of the Global Family That Prays Ministries. She is currently overseeing the Ministries praying for over 252 nations including states. Stone facilitates theses Ministries online seven days of week in the morning known as the A.G.F.T.P.T. (A Global Family That Prays Together), P.U.S.H. (Push Until Something Happen) at Noon and Spiritual Breakthrough Experience every Friday evening.

Psalms 118:17 “I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord.”

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We also offer a global prayer network where individuals can submit prayer requests and receive support and prayers from our community. Our network is made up of people from all walks of life and all different religious backgrounds, united in the belief that prayer can make a difference.


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