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Intercessory Prayer is a truly honourable role for any member of the body of Christ to be involved. In fact at some stage  in our life in Christ we will find ourselves in the position of interceding for someone; praying for those unable to pray for themselves. Intercessory prayer requires strong faith and a strong knowledge of the Word of God.

The Heart of an Intercessor is a…
1. Surrendered Heart
2. Worshipping  Heart
3. Repentant  Heart
4. Thankful  Heart
5. Interceding  Heart
6. Praising  Heart

Having the heart of a Christ-centered intercessor requires two things:

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Knowing the heart of God

At first, this can sound so vague! What does “knowing” the heart of God mean? However, Scripture makes it clear that it is possible to know the heart of God by knowing what pleases Him (Rom. 12:2, 1 Jn. 3:22, Eph. 5:10). In reality, we can only know what pleases God if we know His word and let it shape and transform our hearts so our very desires and thoughts are in accordance with His. This is the beginning of true intercessory prayer – As we begin to understand what pleases God, our prayers change to be directed towards His glory and aligned to His will.

Love for His people

Throughout the Bible, there are countless prayers lifted by intercessors compelled to lift up their voices due to their love for God’s people. Specifically, in the life of Nehemiah, he wept, prayed and fasted when he saw the ruined walls of Jerusalem and the suffering of the exiled Israelites (Neh. 1:3-4). He then lifted up a prayer on behalf of the Israelites. In time, God miraculously answered His prayers! True intercessory prayer is always motivated by love for God’s people, whether it is for the poor in spirit, persecuted, lost and broken. God desires to answer prayers for His glory, which He desires to demonstrate through our lives.

As believers, we are called to intercessory prayer because God desires to works through our prayers. True intercessory prayer requires persistence as we begin to understand the truth: intercession is not about the amount of minutes we pray or how many people are gathered in a room. When we arrive at the understanding that intercessory prayer is about knowing the heart of God and loving others, our attitudes and expectations towards our prayer lives change.We understand that God looks at internal and not the external, the heart and not the form of our prayers.

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